Cauliflower puree soup with smoked cheese

300 g

Product Description

Cauliflower puree soup with smoked cheese is a nice velvety soup. The sweetness of the cauliflower and the smoked cheese complement each other, and the yellow carrot gives the soup a beautiful colour. The soup has a mild flavour and is therefore suitable for both children and adults. As the product is meat-free and relatively low in calories (141 kcal per serving), it is also suitable for weight watchers.


water, cauliflower 26%(may contain celery residues), cream cream, carrot (may contain traces of gluten), melted smoked cheese 4% (cheese, water, demineralised whey powder, butter, emulsifying salts E339, E450, E452, stabiliser (carrageenan), gelatin, acidity regulator E500), onion, potato flakes (potato, emulsifier E471, stabiliser E450i, antioxidant E300, acidity regulators E330, E331iii), butter, iodised salt, spices and herbs.

Storage: +2 … +6 °C

Dimensions: 147x137x50mm

Bulk packaging: 16

Product code: 920038

EAN: 4740184602688

After removing the cardboard sleeve and the plastic wrap from the bowl, it can be immediately put in the microwave to heat up. Heat in the microwave at 750 W for 2 minutes. Alternatively, remove the cardboard and the plastic wrap and pour the soup into the pot. Heat the soup and serve hot.

per 100g of product

Energy content 198 kJ/ 47 kcal
Fats, 3,2 g
─ of which saturated fatty acids 2,1 g
Hydrocarbons, 2,8 g
─ of which sugars 1,4 g
Protein 1,6 g
Salt 0,6 g