Caesar salad with chicken

270 g

Product Description

The Mamma Caesar salad is unique in its packaging. All the salad ingredients are individually packaged, so you can mix and match the salad just the way you like it, with the toppings you like best. In this way, we also ensure excellent salad quality.


iceberg lettuce 36%, chicken fillet 26% (chicken fillet, water, tapioca starch, salt, maltodextrin, may contain gluten residues), Caesar dressing 15% (water, rapeseed oil, vinegar, sugar, egg yolk, iodised salt, modified potato starch, mustard seeds, garlic, white pepper, flavourings (incl. flavourings of the following ingredients). milk protein), preservative potassium sorbate, thickener xanthan gum, food colour beta-carotene), tomato, chips7%, breadcrumbs 7%(wheat flour, sunflower seed oil, wheat gluten, salt, sugar, yeast).

Storage: +2…+6 °C

Dimensions: 180x180x70mm

Bulk packaging: 6

Product code: 902030

EAN: 4740184510938

per 100g of product

Energy content 529 kJ / 126 kcal
Fats 7,5 g
─ of which saturated fatty acids 1,9 g
Hydrocarbons 6,6 g
─ of which sugars 2,1 g
Protein 7,8 g
Salt 1 g