Sandwich with smoked sausage

135 g

Product Description

A new favourite in our range! Between the bread is smoked sausage and a slightly spicy sauce. In addition to wheat flour, the bread also contains potato flakes.


bread 42%(wheat flour, potato (water, potato flakes), fried onion (onion, palm oil, wheat flour, salt), sugar, rapeseed oil, salt, yeast, preservative sorbic acid, antioxidant ascorbic acid. May contain milk particles.), mayonnaise (rapeseed oil, water, modified cornstarch, egg yolk mass, acetic acid (water, acetic acid), sugar, iodized salt, mustard (drinking water, mustard powder), mustard powder, mustard flour, mustard sugar, mustard powder., sugar, rapeseed oil, cooking salt, vinegar, spices, preservative potassium sorbate), stabilisers guar gum and xanthan gum), smoked sausage 21% ( pork, bacon, water, salt, acidity regulator gluconate deltalactone, dextrose, spices, antioxidant ascorbic acid, flavour enhancers sodium hydrogen glutamate, disodium inosinate, disodium guanylate, flavourings, thickener silicon dioxide, paprika extract, stabiliser diphosphate, blood powder, preservative sodium nitrite), chilli sauce (paprika, sugar, water, red wine vinegar, modified potato starch, chilli, salt, cayenne pepper, thickener E415 and preservative E202), cheese, processed cheese (water, cheese, cream, skimmed milk powder, butter emulsifying salt E309, E450 and E452), black pepper.

Storage: +2 … +6 °C

Dimensions: 150x120x40 mm

Bulk packaging: 24

Product code: 942012

EAN: 4740184005311

Remove the packaging and eat immediately, or reheat in the microwave at 750W for about 30 seconds.

per 100g of product

Energy content 1309 kJ / 313 kcal
Fats, 20,3 g
─ of which saturated fatty acids 4,2 g
Hydrocarbons, 25,8 g
─ of which sugars 3,4 g
Protein 6,4 g
Salt 1,4 g