Environmental policy

Saarioinen Eesti OÜ’s environmental activities are guided by the requirements of ISO 14001 and environmental legislation.

Activity and prevention

We understand our environmental responsibilities and act with foresight. We are aware of the impact of our activities on the environment and take proactive action to reduce our impact. We prevent accidents and damage to the environment.

We follow the principles of sustainable development. We teach our employees to understand the importance of environmental performance and minimise their environmental impact.

We constantly monitor changes in environmental legislation and act in line with them and the standard.


In developing our operations, we will focus on efficiency, improving our use of raw materials and energy, and improving our transport management. We are looking for uses for the by-products generated during production.

We continuously strive to improve the recyclability of our product packaging and reduce our negative environmental impact.

Responsibility throughout the supply chain

We keep our partners aware of our environmental objectives and ensure that they meet our requirements. We prefer partners who take responsibility for reducing their environmental impact.

We participate in environmental projects and communicate publicly the role of our activities and products as environmental contributors.

Consistent development

Protecting and caring for the environment is an integral part of our business. We act responsibly and continuously improve our environmental performance.

Quality policy

Saarioinen Eesti OÜ’s activities are based on the high quality of products and service, which must meet the reasonable expectations and needs of customers. Saarioinen’s quality management is guided by the requirements of the Estonian standard ISO 9001.

Effective operation

We are goal-driven and result-oriented. We operate responsibly and profitably and are constantly improving our operations.

Our use of resources is strategically and economically well thought out, and both core and important non-core processes are controlled.

A strong team

We are a team of motivated and competent people with shared values who are committed to their work.

We are investing in developing staff skills. Understanding consumers’ needs and our customers’ business and cooking skills are the cornerstones of our business. Quality is a common theme for all staff and is created through cooperation.

Good taste – delicious and safe products

High-quality, safe raw materials and fully controlled processes are the foundation of our product safety. Our partners are reliable suppliers.

We make tasty and safe products for different consumer needs and eating situations that support our customers’ businesses. Quality, safe raw materials and controlled processes are the basis of our product safety. We work with trusted suppliers and give preference to suppliers that meet our corporate social responsibility.

Transparency and reliability

We are trusted by our trading partners. We operate in an ethical, economical and environmentally sustainable way in all areas of our business. We are transparent and provide reliable and truthful information about our products and practices. We will act as agreed and keep our promises.

Food safety policy

Saarioinen Eesti OÜ is guided in its food safety activities by the requirements of the FSSC22000 standard and the legislation in this area.

Safe, traceable raw materials and packaging materials

Raw materials and packaging materials are subject to quality requirements based on risk assessment and legislation. We only supply raw materials and packaging from reliable suppliers who can meet our requirements.

Safely manufactured products and a controlled production process

To make safe products, we have divided our production areas into different hygiene zones to avoid cross-contamination of products. The company has general hygiene rules that every employee must follow, plus additional hygiene rules for each hygiene zone.

We mitigate risks by developing detailed product manufacturing instructions and production control guidelines.

Reliable self-control

Professionally trained staff, up-to-date instructions and compliance with the instructions ensure the product safety of Saarioinen products.

Quality products

Quality products are based on good raw materials, a controlled production process and reliable self-control. Our product information is public and trustworthy, but our recipes are kept secret. We respect the promises we make to our customers and the agreed product requirements.

Transparent action

We have developed our own policies in different areas of food safety, and we communicate the policies to our staff and, where appropriate, to our customers. We answer questions about food safety openly and honestly.

Continuous development

We keep up to date with the latest scientific information and changes in national legislation. We will develop our activities on the basis of this data.