Barley porridge

300 g

Product Description

Mamma barley porridge is a traditional porridge. The porridge is perfect for breakfast, a light lunch or dinner. The porridge is delicious hot or cold, with sweet or savoury accompaniments. Try it with butter, roasted onions, fresh berries, jam or honey. Mamma porridge with barley is a golden classic, preservative free and no sugar has been added in its preparation. The product is also recommended by Fitlapi nutrition advisors. MAMMA POWDER is healthy and gives you energy for a whole day. Puddings are very tasty because they are stewed for a long time. The MAMMA PUDER is already ready, just heat it up for a few minutes and you have a delicious meal. These porridges are ideal for those who value their time or are always in a hurry but want something good, nutritious and healthy in a hurry.


milk, barley groats, iodised salt

Storage: +2 … +6 °C

Dimensions: 147x137x50mm

Bulk packaging: 16

Product code: 920032

EAN: 4740184602435

Remove the cardboard sleeve and make holes in the shield. Heat in the microwave at 750 W for 2 minutes. Remove the film by carefully tearing it. Alternatively, remove the cardboard and the plastic wrap and pour the porridge into the pot. Warm the porridge in the pot and serve.

per 100g of product

Energy content 330 kJ/ 80 kcal
Fats, 2,5 g
─ of which saturated fatty acids 1,6 g
Hydrocarbons, 10 g
─ of which sugars 3,5 g
Protein 3,3 g
Salt 0,56 g